Working on The Base For My Chaos Bad Guy!

Had a bit of time last night and this morning to work on the base for my Chaos conversion. Added some texture and a few skulls to give that felling of a world fallen to Chaos.

So the plastic film under the feet of the figure is to protect the feet and push him into the texture. Once happy with pose I remove the robot and plastic and clean up the edges. Hope you enjoy the images below.

Basic Build Done, Time to paint!!

Basic work completed on my Chaos Kastelan conversion. The base will be a basic setup with skulls and the usual evil things Chaos surrounds itself with.

The figure itself will be tones of red I think with a lot of gross colors and death in the drivers position. So, basically a Chaos ride.

And The Work Continues

 A few updates on my Chaos Kastelan conversion today. Should have basic construction done soon, fingers crossed. The build has been basic after the main conversion and I plan on trying the keep the exterior as normal as possible. Most of the work will be done when the painting starts, this should be interesting and fun.

Once I finish the basic build I need to figure out the base and what it will look like. Not really sure as of today but I have a bit of time to figure this out.

Chaos Kastelan Robot Started

A few months ago I found a interesting image of a Kastelan robot infected by Chaos forces on Pinterest. The conversion of the Kastelan robot was so original and looks super cool. So seeing this and having a Kastelan robot in the spare box I thought I would try and build my own version of this Chaos Beast.

I have completed the driver and the cockpit area is complete. The skull driver is from eBay (can’t remember who produced it) and the rest is scratch built. I used green stuff world roller for the pipes and evergreen sheet was used for the compartment. The Chaos symbol behind the driver also comes from Green Stuff World.

Still have a bit to go but should be done I hope in a few weeks.

Deathwatch Watch Master Based and completed

I have finished my Watch Master and based him up for ValleyCon show this Sunday March 1, 2020. The figure was a blast to paint and I really like the purple. The Base is some cork, resin 1/35 scale stairs and a old building section from Games Workshop. I used dirt from my back yard and sifted through a screen. The rocks are also from the yard and a few small bricks from Green Stuff World.

The stain glass is from the internet. I Google Warhammer stained glass and then printed the image on a transparency film in my laser jet printer. I cut the image to fit and show damage. Along the edges that I cut I used Agrax Earthshade to dull out the transparency film edge.

Ork Started

As I waited for things to dry on my Deathwatch figure I started painting a Ork from my spare box. This figure has been sitting around unfinished for so long that I thought it was about time to finish him up. I really enjoy painting Orks, the expressions on the face and the body type are super fun to tackle. I will start the clothing and so called armor today and look for a base for him this week. Bring on the GAKKA!!!!!

Deathwatch Done but for the Dusting

After a three day weekend and some time to work on my Deathwatch Watch Master her and and base are almost complete. The figure is done and mounted on the base and the building and rubble is complete. I just need to go in and clean up a few small things and add some dust to the rubble and the figures lower body to tie everything together.

The fist group of pictures below are on the completed figure, again this is the Games Workshop 28mm Deathwatch Watch Master. I used Citadel and Vallejo paints.

The next group of images are the completed diorama minus th edusting. I hope to complete this tonight and have pictures soon.

Sorry for the delay

All, sorry for the lack of posting over the last few months. I have been extremely busy at work and truly have not been able to get anything done. But that’s enough excuses on not doing anything. Over the last few days I finally started to work on a new 40K diorama. Basically I have building built and figure ready for paint, but its a start. The figure is from Games Workshop Deathwatch Watch Officer.