Making water for your diorama.

Base: For the base I used a piece of 2 mm cork and a piece of natural dark cork as a rock. I painted the natural cork several shades of gray and added a dark blue wash. I also added a terrain head from Green Stuff World. The head was painted off-white and several dark washes were then added.

Step 1: For the base layer of the water, I used AK Water Gel Atlantic Blue. I placed several layers of the Atlantic Blue Gel onto the base. Make sure to let the individual layers dry in between application (5 to 6 hours). Once I get the depth and basic texture I’m looking for, I move to the second step.

Step 2: In this step I used AK Water Gel Affects. I started by adding layers around the rocks and anything that would cause a rough effect in the water. I do two or three layers of this effect making sure to let the previous layer dry before I start the next one. I also add one layer to the overall base to give it a rough texture.

Step 3: Next, I dry brush the whole base with a light coat of Citadel, in Wrack White. This will help give the water a depth and a bit of color.

Step 4: Making Waves: to make waves I use as mixture of Tamiya Snow Effects, Vallejo Water Texture, and Micro balloons. I mix all these items together in a small cup until I get the texture dry oatmeal.

Step 5: Once I have the wave texture I am looking for, I start laying out the waves and rough seas arounds rocks and other items on the base. I use coffee stir sticks to lay down the mixture and toothpicks to gain height on the waves. Once I have the waves set, I let them dry overnight. In the morning the mixture will be completely set.

Step 6: Once the waves are set, I use AK Water Gel Transparent to give the waves a rounded rolling look. I layer on two or three layers of the AK Transparent Gel and let dry.

Step 7: Once the above step is complete, I use the Vallejo Water Texture on the entire base. I layer this over the base two or three times to give a clear water look. Once dry, it is complete.