Hitting The Beach

I have always wanted to build a diorama of a marine squad hitting the beach . Started one about six years ago in 1/35 scale but soon realized that it was going to be a bit to big. So after finding a Rubicon LVT-2 and Bolt Action Warlord Marine figures is 28mm I decided to try again. I spent the last few weeks reading a few books on Tarawa (Utmost Savagery and Tanks in Hell) for reference. Both of these books are interesting and truly worth the a read.

My plan is to have about 7 to 12 figures and a LVT hitting a beach with a palm log barrier and maybe a Japanese machine gun bunker. I started the first three figures this weekend and am almost finished with them. Last night I started figuring out poses for the next three. LVT should arrive soon and will update with a few more pictures.