Rubicon LVT-2 28mm

My LVT-2 from Rubicon arrived yesterday and I have to say that  I’m extremely happy with this kit. First, the detail on this small little LVT is better than most of the 1/35 scale kits I have built. Rubicon offers the option of building the early -2 or the latter -2(A) armored version. As I wanted a Tarawa version I stuck with the -2. I have started the basic construction of the kit and will post a few images tonight.

Because I cant build anything without doing any updating to a kit or research I spent a few hours last night and this morning looking at images of  LVT-2 on Tarawa. From the books I have read and videos I have seen, it’s my understanding that of the 100 LVT that were used at Tarawa 75 were older LVT-1 and only 25 were the newer -2. From the pictures I have (few posted above) the LVTs had armor added to the front of the driver position and side view ports. None of the machine guns had armored shields and most had .30 caliber machine guns, with a few having one .50 caliber machine gun on the front.  

As for the color of the LVTs in Tarawa most information points to a navy gray color. As the LVT was a navy product at this time I believe this to be correct.