1/35 Scale 11th Mississippi Infantry 1861 Project

Well, I was all ready to start working on the M41 ARVN tank diorama and decided I need a break from larger dioramas. I really just don’t have the time to work on the tank and the base. Sometimes you just need to work on something small and fun. This brings me to a picture I found a few weeks ago.

As a fan of American Civil War history and modeling I couldn’t pass up this build. I really enjoy figure building and painting. I find the confederate army interesting as a subject. The reason for this has to be the colors of there uniforms and the random look of the soldiers and officers. Colors from union blue, butternut, confederate gray, black, green, white, and even red.

This figure started out as a Mini Soldiers 1/35 scale union officer and will end up as a 11th Mississippi confederate infantry soldier from 1861. I removed the sword and sheath, pistol and shoulder boards and replaced the head. I have started the painting but only have base coats and a wash done.

Art of History Through Miniature Figures

A new book arrived yesterday, “Art and History through Miniature Figures “ by Doug Cohen. As a budding figure painter myself I really found this book interesting and informative. Really like Doug Cohens work and to me Mr Cohen is one of the best figure painters around. I really enjoyed all the sections but the Civil War sections was truly my favorite.

The figure diorama called “Meeting Of The Generals” is my favorite. If you like figures and figure painting go to the Reaper miniature website and in the search box type book, you will truly enjoy this book.

Found a Super Cool Image

I need to make this!!!

As I was looking through a few pages on Facebook today and I found this super cool image.  The picture is blurry but from the description it stated that its a damages M113 being pulled by a M107 field howitzer minus the gun. It also stated the M107 was under repair and was forced into being used as a recovery vehicle.

Not really sure that this is correct as the M107 had a huge spade on the back for recoil of the howitzer when fired. This vehicle has no spade, also the M107 had a bench seat on the rear back corner of the body for the crew. This vehicle doesn’t have this or a few other odds and ends a M107 would have. In my opinion I believe this is the body of a M578 recovery vehicle (M578 shared the same body as a M107) that has had the crane and top structure removed for some reason.

New Project M41A3 ARVN Bulldog 1972

Well, for my next project I  have decided to tackle a Vietnam scene. Yesterday I saw this picture on Facebook and thought it was such a good idea for a small diorama.

The picture shows a ARVN M41A3 Walker Bulldog destroyed in 1972, doing a nose dive into a basement or hole around a destroyed building. I plan on adding a North Vietnamese Tanker looking over the destroyed vehicle and maybe another tanker going into the turret. I will also need to open the power train and engine area. That means scratch building a engine and transmission.

“Quite Shabby” Completed!!!!

After a few weeks of work I’m calling this diorama done. I really enjoyed working on this one and learned so many things. One of the biggest things I discovered was that I really enjoyed working with Bodi figures. Their details and sculpting are some of the best I have seen over the years. I highly recommend them.

One thing I wanted to talk about is when you are finished with your piece. Are you actually really finished? I highly suggest having someone you trust, be it a friend, family member or fellow model maker look at your work. Ask them the following questions. “Do the items on the diorama or the figure itself look real? Does the weathering make the vehicle, building, etc. look old, war ravaged, authentic? Is there anything you think I should add, take off, change etc.?” These people do not need to be war historians or model making experts. They can tell you if something, like a tank for example looks damaged or old enough, whereas we may not be able to discern that well enough, due to having too much person investment in the piece. I do this now with my wife. After finishing a piece, or what I perceive to be finished, I will often bring it to her to get her opinion. She is an artist and can look at my pieces with an eagle eye and creative background and tell if something needs more work done to it, or not. She knows her neurotic, perfectionist, model obsessed husband may have had such tunnel vision on a project, that even a minor detail may need tending to. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken what I thought was a finished piece back to my work bench to make tweaks to them, after she offered constructive suggestions. Just a few nights ago she suggested I add more weathering and dirt to one small panel, about 1/2” in size on the top of tank in “Quite Shabby,” as she said that one panel looked too new compared to the surrounding plastic. A good, discerning eye can make a big difference between a good piece and an amazing piece.

Even though this was a fun project, it’s time to move on to the next adventure. I have many exciting new things in the works and am looking forward to sharing them all with you in the coming months.

Quite Shabby Figure Complete

Over the weekend I finished painting my “Bodi British Officer” for my Quit Shabby diorama. I’m actually really happy on how he turned out and cant wait to get him placed next to the tank.

As for the  M13/40  tank sit’s complete except for the tracks. I have been waiting for some primer from Ammo that should arrive today or tomorrow , I hope. Once I have that I can paint the tracks and add dust. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, almost there!!

Next Idea For a Diorama “Good Morning For a Pull”

New Diorama idea!!!

I found this cool image of Royal Navy and British soldier in a Bren Carrier towing a German mine off a beach. This just screamed to be made into a diorama.

I will only have two figures, one a Royal Navy Officer and a British solder as his driver. The carrier is already on the work bench and the mine is on the way. Need to get back to my M13/40 before I can start the new one. see you all again soon.