“Quite Shabby” Completed!!!!

After a few weeks of work I’m calling this diorama done. I really enjoyed working on this one and learned so many things. One of the biggest things I discovered was that I really enjoyed working with Bodi figures. Their details and sculpting are some of the best I have seen over the years. I highly recommend them.

One thing I wanted to talk about is when you are finished with your piece. Are you actually really finished? I highly suggest having someone you trust, be it a friend, family member or fellow model maker look at your work. Ask them the following questions. “Do the items on the diorama or the figure itself look real? Does the weathering make the vehicle, building, etc. look old, war ravaged, authentic? Is there anything you think I should add, take off, change etc.?” These people do not need to be war historians or model making experts. They can tell you if something, like a tank for example looks damaged or old enough, whereas we may not be able to discern that well enough, due to having too much person investment in the piece. I do this now with my wife. After finishing a piece, or what I perceive to be finished, I will often bring it to her to get her opinion. She is an artist and can look at my pieces with an eagle eye and creative background and tell if something needs more work done to it, or not. She knows her neurotic, perfectionist, model obsessed husband may have had such tunnel vision on a project, that even a minor detail may need tending to. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken what I thought was a finished piece back to my work bench to make tweaks to them, after she offered constructive suggestions. Just a few nights ago she suggested I add more weathering and dirt to one small panel, about 1/2” in size on the top of tank in “Quite Shabby,” as she said that one panel looked too new compared to the surrounding plastic. A good, discerning eye can make a big difference between a good piece and an amazing piece.

Even though this was a fun project, it’s time to move on to the next adventure. I have many exciting new things in the works and am looking forward to sharing them all with you in the coming months.