Found a Super Cool Image

I need to make this!!!

As I was looking through a few pages on Facebook today and I found this super cool image.  The picture is blurry but from the description it stated that its a damages M113 being pulled by a M107 field howitzer minus the gun. It also stated the M107 was under repair and was forced into being used as a recovery vehicle.

Not really sure that this is correct as the M107 had a huge spade on the back for recoil of the howitzer when fired. This vehicle has no spade, also the M107 had a bench seat on the rear back corner of the body for the crew. This vehicle doesn’t have this or a few other odds and ends a M107 would have. In my opinion I believe this is the body of a M578 recovery vehicle (M578 shared the same body as a M107) that has had the crane and top structure removed for some reason.