1/35 Scale 11th Mississippi Infantry 1861 Project

Well, I was all ready to start working on the M41 ARVN tank diorama and decided I need a break from larger dioramas. I really just don’t have the time to work on the tank and the base. Sometimes you just need to work on something small and fun. This brings me to a picture I found a few weeks ago.

As a fan of American Civil War history and modeling I couldn’t pass up this build. I really enjoy figure building and painting. I find the confederate army interesting as a subject. The reason for this has to be the colors of there uniforms and the random look of the soldiers and officers. Colors from union blue, butternut, confederate gray, black, green, white, and even red.

This figure started out as a Mini Soldiers 1/35 scale union officer and will end up as a 11th Mississippi confederate infantry soldier from 1861. I removed the sword and sheath, pistol and shoulder boards and replaced the head. I have started the painting but only have base coats and a wash done.