New Work By Luciano Rodriguez “Star Wars”

Hello everyone, I have received a great honor from Luciano Rodriguez this week. He has asked me to post a few images of his new work and hold on it’s “Star Wars”!!!! Yes the master has taken on Star Wars Legion 74-Z Speeder Bikes and to say I’m happy is a understatement. Please enjoy the following images and captions from Luciano and stay turned for more in the future.

Assembly 01>

It is a good thing to have alternatives for those days when one modeller -due to a busy life or other interference’s- is not having the time and/or the motivation to continue with current projects on the workbench properly. Most of the times I find myself in such situations I feel I the need of finding something easy going to kill my anxiety and to provide me some and fun. Current tabletop war-gaming is offering a great selection of subjects nowadays. In that regard, Fantasy Fight Games is producing a wide range of Star Wars related games with very nice miniatures which can result in a very convenient distraction to anyone willing to give it a try, and specially recommended to any Star Wars fan,as the one subscribing these words.

Assembly 02>

This Speeder Bikes unit expansion set brings encloses –aside war-gaming tokens and cards- two beautifully reproduced Imperial Scout troopers and Speeder Bikes in plastic. In the image you have all parts to assemble one Speeder Bike. The simplification corresponds to the nature of a sturdy war-gaming piece but does not concern me at all for making this kit.

Assembly 03>

The Speeder bike goes together in a breeze. The kit is produced in hard ABS plastic which can be glued with MEK and likely with some other liquid cements I suspect.

Assembly 04>

The riders are two very beautiful Scout Troopers, also designed for a quick assembly. The figures are made in a hard mix of polystyrene associated to traditional soft plastic figures. As you can see bike controls are incorporated to the figure arms to prevent assembly becomes a concern for the war-gamer

Assembly 05>

The second Scout comes in a very dynamic pose for a bike rider and features separated head. The box does not specify any scale but my guessing is those are about 1/45th scale.

Assembly 06>

Here you have the first Scout in a dry fit test. The figures are well designed and have a tight fit. Parts in this image are still unglued.

Assembly 07>

And here you have the second Scout trooper. This is just a brief presentation of what comes in the box but the final result can be slightly improved with a bit of work I will describe soon.

Luciano has finished the assembly already but could not take pics yet. Hopefully he will have time for that tonight or tomorrow, so expect the second chapter coming up in a few days. Again I would like to tank Luciano for letting me post there images for him and I cant wait to see more soon.