Part 1: Das Werk 3cm Flackvierling 103/38 Build Review.

As I wait for my decals to finish my VW project, I thought I would tackle my 1/35 scale DAS WERT 3cm Flackvierling 103/38 . I have never done a build review before, so I thought it’s time to give it a try.  As I am working on this part time this review will be is stages. The kit is very interesting, and I truly have a soft spot for short range air defense guns.

Overall the box art is great and with only two-part tree this shouldn’t take long. The box is super sturdy and artwork on sides and back is crisp and well done.

As you can see from this image you get two-part trees and a set of decals in the box. The kit does have some mold lines on the parts, but they are are easily removed and sanded clean. I also found some cleaning need to be done on mold injection points, but this is easily done with a knife and sanding stick.

I this image you see the instruction sheet. I find that they remind me a bit of Wingnut Wings instruction. Overall the instruction sheet is nicely constructed and has check box’s next to each part to help you keep track of progress. Das Werk also breaks down each section the kit into steps which I think is a great idea.
I did run into a few issues during this stage and as you can see from the instruction sheet, I did make a few notes. First part A20 is shown but no arrow was shown on the location on the kit. It wasn’t until I moved to the other side in step 1.1 that I notice A19 and its place, so I went back and added A20 in its proper location. Next, part A26 and A27 should swap location. This will give you the correct look.

Part 1 Complete!! As I stated in the opening, I’m taking this build slow, as I have other to complete but I can say from an hour of building I really enjoy this kit. The overall detail is great, and I always like a new subject in plastic. As I move along in this build, I will send updates.