Part 2: Das Werk 3cm Flackvierling 103/38 Build Review.

Last night I was able to find some time to work on my Das Werk 103/38. I’m really starting to enjoy this build, I completed Part two of this build which focuses on the main pedestal housing of the gun. Overall the build is going quick and really had no issues with the second part of this project. I hope to complete the build this weekend and get some paint on it soon. I have also placed a few images of the really gun to give you references.

This image shows the instruction sheet and the part for the main part of the pedestal. I really like the instruction sheet and at first, I thought the check boxes for parts was an OK idea but now I really find them useful. They help me stay focused and I don’t miss parts on the build. Trust me there has been many times that I have completed a few models and found parts I just missed and or failed to but on.
This Image shows the two main parts of the pedestal, the gun housing and the firers position and controls. Again, there is some cleanup but nothing major. The detail on these parts and the whole kit are great. I really enjoy the bolt heads and the foot pedals on this kit. Das Werk has done a good job bringing these and other detail to life.
This image shows the right side of the completed pedestal. Detail is crisp and clean. Really like those foot pedals.
This image shows the pedestal and base together. I have placed a 1/35 figure next to this gun to show the overall size. It is a big gun and I haven’t added the four guns and shield yet!
Real gun being used to train new flak teams.
Another image of the real gun.