Starting a New Project

Hello all, been traveling so much for work lately that I really haven’t had any time to do anything but catch flights at the airport. But with the holidays starting soon I decided to try something a bit different. I grew up as a US Navy brat, my father served 22 years in the navy and most of that time in Nuclear Submarines. After retiring as the (E-8 I believe) Chief of the boat he continued to work in civil serves for the Government for another 21 years, mostly working on the Mark 48 Torpedo. So Submarines have always been a passion of mine.

Over the years I have never really tried to build any because I just wasn’t ready to try something that meant so much to me (I guess I didn’t want to fail and someway hurt my Dad), but I hope to change that soon. I recently purchased a Hobby Boss Russian Navy Yasen Class SSN in 1/350 scale and should receive it tomorrow, thank you Amazon Prime. So stay tuned to see what I can do with a submarine and maybe a cool looking water base. Below I have placed a few images of different subs that I’m using a wreathing references.

“Lucky Miss”, Completed!

I had some time this last week and weekend to finish my entry in my local hobby club December contest, the theme of the contest is anything around during 1941. So, I went with a little diorama on a Navy Officer inspecting a Type 91 Japanese torpedo on the beach around Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1941. This was a quick build but I had a great time working on the torpedo and the water. See below for some construction information and kits used.

Painting a Sandy Shore

Work continuous on my diorama for our club contest. Last night I was able to add a bit of tone to the sand and try and show a bit of like down by the sea shore. I used oils thinned down and a bit of Mig dust affects to try and give it that sandy shore look. It needs more but this is a good start.

“Lucky Miss”, the work continues.

After taking a long weekend to rest, I’m back at my little diorama for my local Hobby Club December 2019 Contest. I have completed converting a German torpedo into a Type 91 Mod 2 Japanese version. It’s not 100% correct but close. I also have done the basic terrain and landscape. It’s getting there but a bit slow.

Type 91 Japanese Torpedo

“Lucky Miss” Continued.

The work continues on converting my German Torpedo into a Japanese Type 91 Air Drop version from Pearl Harbor 1941. I was able to fill most of the holes on the original kit and cut new tube lines. I also started converting the nose to a small flat snubbed nose like those in the 1941 attack.

I was also able to cut down a fin and place in location for reference. The Type 91 had short fins with a half circle fin to stabilize the Torpedo between each fin. Please see image below for reference.

“Lucky Miss” The construction

I was able to get a few things done with the figure and the Torpedo yesterday. The figure is from Royal Models and has a new Hornet head and the Torpedo is from Mikro-Mir . Its a German World War II G7A/T1 Torpedo and I have already started the process of converting it to a Type 91 Japanese Air Drop Torpedo. notice the putty and the newly scribbed line around the mid-rear of the Torpedo. I hope to get some more work done tonight, stay tuned for more images soon.

Pearl Harbor Dec 8, 1941 “Lucky Miss”

Hello again, as I stated in my post yesterday I am working on a build for my local hobby groups (Los Angeles Miniature Society “LAMS”) December 2019 build contest. The theme is anything that was around during Pearl Harbor December 1941. After looking through many pictures of the attack I really started to think that I would skip this build. The reason was simple, I dont build ships or planes and really that is what most Pearl Harbor dioramas contain. But I wanted to do something as LAMS have given me so much. They are a great group of men and women and I really enjoy the time I spend at the meetings. So, time t think a bit out of the box.

In my search for pictures of the battle I came across a LIFE photo of two officers examining a Germany torpedo that missed its target and run up on the beach in the Caribbean and that became my idea. I’m pretty sure not all of the Japaneses torpedoes dropped from aircraft hit there target so idea of “Lucky Miss” was formed. My Diorama will have a Japanese Type 91 model 2 torpedo run up on a sandy Hawaiian beach with US Navy officer in a duty uniform (tan dress uniform see pictures below) with a early war pattern helmet staring at the torpedo. Its not exciting but will tell a bit of a story.

So, first the torpedo. I looked for a Japanese version in 1/35 scale and had no luck. They do have many different Germany torpedoes from WWII in this scale so I will be cut one up and changing it into a Japanese Type 91. This will not be to hard as all torpedoes are the same basic shape and you just need to change and fill in a few things and cut new lines. The figure is from Royal Models US Navy sets and the head and helmet are from Hornet. I will also add a small palm tree from Reality in Scale. I have started the basic build and will post a few images tomorrow.

Posting Soon

Sorry for not posting lately, but after two big shows I just had a big drop in motivation. I’m sure most of you can understand that. We push so hard to get thing done and by the end we just need a bit of a break.

I really feel that stepping away sometimes is a good thing. For me, it helps clear my mind and start the process of focusing on what is next. I also take the time to clean up the work bench and trust me when I say this was really needed. It looked like a storm went through my room. Once cleaned I also find that this helps me focus on what project I want to finish or start.

My current focus has turned to our yearly club contest in December. This year the theme is Pearl Harbor, so wish me luck. No more excuses, its time to start working again. see you soon.