Pearl Harbor Dec 8, 1941 “Lucky Miss”

Hello again, as I stated in my post yesterday I am working on a build for my local hobby groups (Los Angeles Miniature Society “LAMS”) December 2019 build contest. The theme is anything that was around during Pearl Harbor December 1941. After looking through many pictures of the attack I really started to think that I would skip this build. The reason was simple, I dont build ships or planes and really that is what most Pearl Harbor dioramas contain. But I wanted to do something as LAMS have given me so much. They are a great group of men and women and I really enjoy the time I spend at the meetings. So, time t think a bit out of the box.

In my search for pictures of the battle I came across a LIFE photo of two officers examining a Germany torpedo that missed its target and run up on the beach in the Caribbean and that became my idea. I’m pretty sure not all of the Japaneses torpedoes dropped from aircraft hit there target so idea of “Lucky Miss” was formed. My Diorama will have a Japanese Type 91 model 2 torpedo run up on a sandy Hawaiian beach with US Navy officer in a duty uniform (tan dress uniform see pictures below) with a early war pattern helmet staring at the torpedo. Its not exciting but will tell a bit of a story.

So, first the torpedo. I looked for a Japanese version in 1/35 scale and had no luck. They do have many different Germany torpedoes from WWII in this scale so I will be cut one up and changing it into a Japanese Type 91. This will not be to hard as all torpedoes are the same basic shape and you just need to change and fill in a few things and cut new lines. The figure is from Royal Models US Navy sets and the head and helmet are from Hornet. I will also add a small palm tree from Reality in Scale. I have started the basic build and will post a few images tomorrow.