Starting a New Project

Hello all, been traveling so much for work lately that I really haven’t had any time to do anything but catch flights at the airport. But with the holidays starting soon I decided to try something a bit different. I grew up as a US Navy brat, my father served 22 years in the navy and most of that time in Nuclear Submarines. After retiring as the (E-8 I believe) Chief of the boat he continued to work in civil serves for the Government for another 21 years, mostly working on the Mark 48 Torpedo. So Submarines have always been a passion of mine.

Over the years I have never really tried to build any because I just wasn’t ready to try something that meant so much to me (I guess I didn’t want to fail and someway hurt my Dad), but I hope to change that soon. I recently purchased a Hobby Boss Russian Navy Yasen Class SSN in 1/350 scale and should receive it tomorrow, thank you Amazon Prime. So stay tuned to see what I can do with a submarine and maybe a cool looking water base. Below I have placed a few images of different subs that I’m using a wreathing references.