Something For Me, Star Wars!!!

After a month or so of very little modeling for myself I decided to work on a K-2SO I had. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and really enjoy the Bandai Star Wars kits. To me they offer that escape back to a time when I thought that Star Wars was everything. Plus the detail is extraordinary. Following a good friends idea I added a bit of color to the head and chest plates but I still have so much to do. As you can see.

I have a idea of him in a desert area climbing down from a high point to look for Rebel Scum!

Happy Holidays to All.

As we close in on Christmas and New Years I just want to say thank you to all my friends and fellow model makers out there. It has been a extremely fun year for me and I’m super glad to have shared a few things with you.

As we close in on the end of 2019 I plan on taking a few weeks off to spend more time with my Family and friends. I hope to post a few more updates over the next days but I will be back in full in 2020. Again, thank you all for all the great comments and inspiration. see you all soon.

FALKE Pilot on hold – WINGNUT WINGS D1

So after starting on the pilot figure three days ago I decided to start working on the FALKE kit itself. But after opening the box and looking at the part tree’s I noticed that I’m missing the entire bottom half of the craft. I have had this model for years and I guess during one of my many moves in the military I miss placed it. I have looked and looked but currently no luck. In a week I will be heading to my storage locker and I hope it is in there.

With that I have no choice to move one to a new project. Over the last few years I have started collecting a few WingNut Wings 1/32 Aircraft. These kits are truly a work of art and I always told myself that I would take the time and build one. But, I haven’t built a aircraft model in over 30 years, so what the hell lets start one. The kit I started is the Junkers D1 (no rigging, Happy me) and I have only completed the first two steps and I can you already that I’m truly head over heels for this aircaft and the company. So much more to come.

Converting A FALKE Pilot

Pulled one of my many Ma.K (Maschinen Krieger) kit out a few nights ago and started to build. The Hasegawa 1/20 FALKE is a fun kit and the pilot is OK. I decided to follow a good friends build of this kit to include the pilot conversion. Just a start and hope to have more images soon.

Sd Kfz. 253 Update.

I was able to finish most of the build over the last two nights and I am happy with the current progress. I had to change a few items as you can see from the Gaso-Line conversion kit but overall Im happy with it. First, the hatch behind the commanders position was not that good so I made a new one out of plastic card and hinges out the same. The antenna rail on the top in my kit was broken so I used a piece of evergreen U shape beam to replace it. The other major item was the cover around the antenna mount. The one from Gaso-Line was damaged in my kit so I made one from plastic card. Mine is a bit to thick but I think it’s OK.

Overall I’m almost done with the build and I’m starting to think about the base. Not sure about how many figures yet but this is the fun part for me.

Asked to do a Commission Project

Well, I was all ready to start my submarine and then a commission was landed in my lap, and as this is for business and the sub was for fun , business wins.

One of my friends on Facebook who has seen my work before asked my to build him a German Sd. Kfz 253 in 1/48 scale for his collection. This individual is a huge battle of kursk enthusiast and wants a model of this vehicle in the early days of the battle with a few figures. So, as I had the Tamiya kit and the Gaso-Line conversion in 1/48 scale already I said great. I have the kit mostly complete minus a few items and tracks, but it should be ready for paint in a few days. Below I have posted some images of the build and images I used for reference.