FALKE Pilot on hold – WINGNUT WINGS D1

So after starting on the pilot figure three days ago I decided to start working on the FALKE kit itself. But after opening the box and looking at the part tree’s I noticed that I’m missing the entire bottom half of the craft. I have had this model for years and I guess during one of my many moves in the military I miss placed it. I have looked and looked but currently no luck. In a week I will be heading to my storage locker and I hope it is in there.

With that I have no choice to move one to a new project. Over the last few years I have started collecting a few WingNut Wings 1/32 Aircraft. These kits are truly a work of art and I always told myself that I would take the time and build one. But, I haven’t built a aircraft model in over 30 years, so what the hell lets start one. The kit I started is the Junkers D1 (no rigging, Happy me) and I have only completed the first two steps and I can you already that I’m truly head over heels for this aircaft and the company. So much more to come.