In the beginning…

Remember that one kid in school; the one was kind of a nerd? He was shy, a bit of a loner (back when being a loner didn’t put you on a government watch list), awkward, loved to read (and actually read National Geographic for the articles), loved history, was great at playing “Army” and of course, grew up smack dab in the middle of backwoods nowhere. And oh yeah, he built models. “Calm down ladies! There’s plenty of this to go around.” Add all those things together and by the time he got to high school, he wasn’t exactly living out the above “chick magnet” scenario.

I am sure a few of you can relate to that guy. That guy was me and that was then. It’s funny how things turn out. I eventually ended up playing Army in real life. During those many years of living in the most unGodly places, dealing with the most stressful jobs and sometimes traumatizing events you could ever imagine (unless you are totally chill with having rockets shot at you), reading and making models helped me keep my sanity (though depending on who you ask, that may be questionable). That was also then. I still love history, the written word and a crazy girl, who ironically loves me back, keeps me laughing and supports my modeling passion (seriously….how did that even happen?!), and the only Army I deal with now involves building plastic tanks.

I have a great job, a great life and in the end found my true calling. Revenge of the nerd. This is now. My name is Grant Mayberry. Welcome to my May-king Miniatures blog. I bring to you 40 plus years of model building experience, and an honest account of what that experience can entail – the highs (having my work in a military museum and winning several contests), to the lows (what do you mean I’m not as good as DaVinci?!). Here you will find painting and conversion tips, discussions on products, events, and modeling shows, historical accuracy, how to come up with ideas for diorama subject matter, customization and more. Maybe I’ll even throw in an article about how to not get sand kicked in your face at the beach, by some jock (oh sorry, nerd flashback). Anyway, put D&D on pause and come on in and stay awhile. We have cookies.