“Quite Shabby” Completed!!!

So, after a few weeks of work, my latest diorama is complete. I had a fun time building this one and really learned so much. This is the first kit that I’ve used the link to link tracks and found them to be quite easy, as well as better than the rubber band style, from the old kit. I also realized that I really enjoy learning and painting Bodi figures. They are nicely sculpted and the detail is straight on. I can’t recommend them enough.

One thing I highly recommend when you are finished with your projects, or should I say, when you think you are finished….if you can, show your pieces to someone you trust. Ask them for their opinion on it. “Does it look authentic? Do you see any spots on it that need touching up, refining, distressing more? Is there anything more you think I should do to it?” They do not have to be experts in model making or historical accuracy. Even a lay person can sometimes spot things we may miss, because we have so much personal energy put into it, whereas they do not and thus can be more impartial. I often run my “finished” pieces by my wife to get her opinion on what I feel is a finished piece. She has no experience in model making, other than being married to a neurotic, model making, perfectionist, but she is an artist and can give me impartial input and suggestions, from an artististic point of view, which has been really helpful. I frequently have gone back to my workstation and made changes and or additions she has suggested and agree they were good choices. She also has given me several ideas for dioramas, subject matter, etc. Outside, impartial input can be very beneficial to your craft.

Overall, like I said above, I really enjoyed this project, but it’s time to move on to the next project. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.